January 9, 2018


About Our Workshops

Workshops will last just one or half a day. They may be “embedded” into a conference; it doesn’t take place on its own, but it takes place at the day before or after the main conference. The audience tends to be much smaller. Workshops allow attendees to identify common issues and chances, and possibly developing ideas for further work together.

The Opera Incubator Team wants to run blockchain workshops to help . Our goal for these practical workshops is to help developers learn more about building p2p products and the use of cryptography.

See Our Opera Incubator Workshops Below

There are currently blockchain workshops held all over the world from big corporates like IBM to hackathons held by startups such as Blockie, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our blockchain workshops will be different to other workshops, as we are a team who are working hard towards developing our Festy product, a wearable blockchain technology using Dash for festivals, events and retail.

We, as organisers will have the industry expertise in knowing who is the best to bring in terms of trainers within the industry. We already have a large network from working in this industry since 2012 and being an official partner of Dash since early 2017.