January 9, 2018

Opera Node



Opera Node is a company masternode on the Dash blockchain. The masternode is 100% led by the Opera Incubator team. Proposals are decided by majority consensus within the team.

Each month, Opera Incubator facilitates an in-depth analysis of every proposal on the Dash Supernode. Decisions are decided with reference to an objective criteria and governed by majority vote by the team. The objective criteria is based on long-standing theories on the success of startups and Venture Capital proposals. The aim is to reduce subjective bias and misconceptions over proposal analysis. It is identified that the larger the network of Masternodes grows (currently over 5,000), the more important decision-making will become. As we move into the mainstream, the monthly budget will continue to increase. Now more than ever, it is essential that decisions are evidence-based.

The proposal criteria provides guidance for other Masternode holder’s to help make educated decisions. This is not the only source of information available and it is intended to promote information-sharing within the Dash ecosystem. Knowledge is power. This model provides an experiment for “super share” models and other “community” and “company” masternode models that will inevitably emerge in the future, as the cost of a Masternode remains expensive (currently around $1 million each).


Agora Committee


Opera Node will allow full participation by team members of Opera Incubator in the decision-making process of funding proposals on the Dash supernode. The Agora Committee will facilitate discussion and voting each month and is open to all employees and sub-contractors in Opera Incubator.

On the last week of every month, members of Agora will provide written and verbal input into the criteria and discussion around the proposal submissions. In order to qualify to vote on any given month, members must fully participate and give their written and verbal input and attend the Agora meetings. Without full participation in this process members forfeit their vote that month.


Proposal Criteria

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  1. Attends to detail
  2. Articulate in discussing proposal
  3. Capable of sustained intense effort
  4. Able to evaluate and react well to risk

  1. Track record relevant to proposal
  2. Demonstrated leadership ability in the past
  3. Thoroughly familiar with the market targeted by proposal

  1. Is the proposal owner familiar with the market?
  2. Does there exist big competition in this industry for the venture in its first three years?
  3. Will the venture create a new market?
  4. Is the market fast growing?
  5. Are there established distribution channels?

  1. Does the return of investment for Dash equal to at least 10 times in 5 years?
  2. Can the venture be acquired should the proposal owner fail or lose interest?


Investment Criteria Set by Venture Capitalists (Downloadable)