January 9, 2018


Opera Incubator Meetups

Meetups are gatherings of the community held usually after work hours between 6pm and 9pm. The website meetup.com has over 24M members (last updated December 2015). Meetups are held globally with the same format of speakers and a networking sessions. They are usually hosted by people in the community who voluntarily give up their time in organising a meetup to help the community learn more about such topics; in this case blockchain technology.

There are currently 680,000 members in blockchain meetups with nearly 3,000 different meetups (last updated on December 2017) all across the world (see map).

These 3,000 meetup groups may be advertised as blockchain meetups but are usually predominantly focused on a specific area such as Bitcoin for example. There is a tidal wave of hype across this industry and if you analyse some of these meetups for yourself you will see that organisers are generalising meetups based on their own subjective opinion, or creating groups based on fleeting trends such as crypto kitties that have a limited scope.