Blockchain For Everyday

Opera Builds Blockchain

With a highly skilled development team, Opera Incubator builds blockchain technology and aims to make companies go global.

By leveraging the power of blockchain, Opera Incubator can achieve superior gain and shareholder investment for your company.

Our aim is to incubate, advise and consult on the most exciting projects in this space.


Opera Incubator Goals

1. To promote blockchain services for everyday people
2. To teach communities, developers and policy makers.
3. To develop decentralized systems

Our Team

Meet Our Team Today

Darren Dineen

Sales Executive

Francois Xavier

Senior Developer

Ronan Sandford

Senior Developer

Florin Dzeladini

Senior Developer

HuíChí Man

Project Coordinator

Martin Kelly

Media Developer

Fergal Eccles

Junior Developer

Jake Walsh

Junior Developer